I. Customer Orientation

After A/F installation is complete, the following customer orientation procedure should be provided.

STEP 1. A complete inspection of the A/F and accessories.

STEP 2. Demonstrate the proper use of panel lifting devices and shoe horns. Advise strongly against the use of pliers, screwdrivers and other like devices for removal of floor panels.

STEP 3. Advise the customer of proper methods and protection when moving equipment or furniture.

STEP 4. Advise the customer of precautions and limits of rolling loads.

STEP 5. Show customer direction arrows on carpeted panels and explain their purpose.

STEP 6. The customer shall be provided with a copy of the Care and Maintenance section of this manual.

STEP 7. If the floor surface is HPL, caution the customer not to clean HPL with normal house cleaning methods--use only a damp mop so that no moisture is allowed to seep into the unprotected cut edge of HPL.

STEP 8. Obtain customer's sign off on job.