Installation Manual

installation step

STEP 9. If an panel rocks diagonally when placed in the system, turn it one quarter (90°) turn and check it again. If the panel continues to rock when rotated, some debris may be between the panel bottom and the pedestal head or stringer. Also check to make sure pedestal is not tilted, stringers are properly seated and that panel edges are flush. If the panel still rocks, set it aside to be used as perimeter cut panel. The pedestals should not be adjusted unless three or four panels supported on it are rocking. At this point, make a minor elevation adjustment to the pedestal.

When installing carpeted panels, the carpet grain direction must be controlled. Each panel has an arrow on the bottom indicationg proper carpet grain. All panels must be installed with the grain in the same direction. Therefore, they cannot be turned to adjust for rockers. The panel can be bumped or the pedestal assemblies adjusted. It may require two or three pedestals in a row to be adjusted.

Step 10Lay panels in opposite direction