Installation Manual

installation manual

STEP 12. After installing the first section of A/F, only one chalked control line along the long wall needs to be used for the remainder of the floor. The initial section of floor normally dictates the squareness and location of the rest of the floor. However, it is possible in a long room to allow a curve to develop in small increments in the grid. Therefore, a dry line should be kept stretched along the short wall until at least a four-panel-wide section of the floor is installed the entire length of the room.

In setting this dry line, secure one end at the starting point on the grid line between the first two panels. Raise the line about one inch off the panel, then stretch the line to the other end of the floor and do the same there. The line should not override the panel edges.

NOTE: If rolling materials, equipment or gang boxes across installed A/F, then 1/4-inch tempered masonite or 1/2-inch plywood should be used as pathways to avoid any damage to the top surface of the A/F panels.

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