Preformed Steel Stairs

STEP 1. Lay out and cut floor panels adjacent to the step well, giving you the proper well opening for your step.

STEP 2. Install handrail, if applicable.

STEP 3. Install fascia assembly on either side of step that butts the access floor.

STEP 4. Secure a steel bottom angle to the floor and on the inside of the bottom riser of your preformed step; this will be used to fasten the step in place. Secure bottom angle by glueing to the subfloor with pedestal adhesive and by shooting down with powder-actuated fasteners on 24-inch center.

STEP 5. Place the step in proper position. The steel bottom angle should be inside. Fasten the step to the bottom angle with pop rivets.

STEP 6. Cover the risers with aluminum fascia plate using pop rivets. Note: When cutting fascia, make certain that you have a clean, straight edge where it butts another surface that will not be covered with nosing.

STEP 7. Laminate the treads with selected covering.

STEP 8. Attach aluminum top trim angle to the edge of each tread and around the step well at the edge of the access floor. The trim angle is attached with flat-head sheet-metal screws (no rivets). Holes are to be spaced on 18-inch centers and countersunk. (See figure 7).

steel stairs