Fascia Assembly

STEP 1. To locate the position of the bottom angle, plumb down from the edge of the A/F to the subfloor with a level.  Mark the subfloor.

STEP 2. Notch the bottom angle around pedestal bases and secure the bottom angle to the subfloor by using adhesive and powder-actuated fasteners.

STEP 3. Place the fascia plate with ribbed side out against the bottom angle and the edge of the access floor panel. If the fascia is above the floor, mark it at the floor height by scribing along the top of the floor. Cut the fascia about one-eighth inch smaller than the mark. When you have the fascia cut, start to secure it to the bottom angle with pop rivets. If more than one piece of plate is used in line, be sure the ends butt together and leave no gap. (See front elevation, figure 8.)

STEP 4. Fasten the trim angle on the top edge. Mitre the nosing at all corners. Drill and countersink all the holes in the angle, keeping them equally spaced on 18-inch centers. Attach the angle to the surface of the floor panel with flathead sheet-metal screws.

STEP 5. Access floor panels need to be laterally stable. This can be accomplished by: running stringers perpendicular to fascia; fastening panel to understructure; using diagonal bracing.