Infinity® Max-Air Grate 66% fits Woodcore Systems - Free Levelers

Quick Overview

High velocity, all-steel airflow grates with 66% unobstructed open area fits most bolted woodcore systems. 1300 CFM. Color: White. 24" x 24". Surface: Powder coated, Quick Corner Leveling blocks and extender plates included. Damper kit sold separately.

Additional Information
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MAX-AIR Grates deliver 15% more cool air volume than Infinity Air Grate (standard) and weigh under 28 pounds making it one of the lightest, easiest panels to manage in the data center. MAX-AIR’s enhanced slot design allows for greater air volume transfer and maximum cooling effectiveness closer to the rack. Optimal supply air temperatures to server inlets will improve energy efficiency and overall equipment reliability.

The Infinity® Air Grate is compatible in raised floor systems with up to a maximum stringer width of 1 5/8". It is also compatible with stringerless systems.  A durable, epoxy white powder coat finish is standard on all Infinity Air Grates. It provides a long-wearing, corrosion-resistant finish to ensure years of outstanding service.

A self-retracting easy lift handle is built into every Infinity® Air Grate making it the simplest panel to lift and manage. One finger lifts the handle allowing convenient removal of the grate.

If you have an old floor and have been told that no perforated panels will fit, Infinity® Grates are an excellent option because this product adapts to 99% of all 24" x 24" floor systems, and metric options are available. These grates can also replace 25% open area perforated panels without losing the option of having reduced airflow by the simple addition of a Slide Damper Kit.


  • Size: 24” x 24”
  • 55% Open Area
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Rugged heavy gauge steel panel
  • Quick Corner™ Leveler Adapts Easily and Quickly
  • Corners Included with Order
  • Integrated Self Retracting Handle for ease of removal
  • Delivers 7’ Cold Air Plume  
  • Lowers Server Inlet Temps
  • Fits 99% of all Woodcore raised floor systems
  • Damper Kit available separately
  • Metric options available, call for details.

Quick Corner Details:

Quick Corners are easily adjustable from the underside of a panel to achieve a perfect flush fit with adjacent floor panels.  Product is shipped with Quick Corners™ (levelers) and Woodcore-specific extender plates for easy installation. Simply click Quick Corners into position and installation is complete.  

White Quick Corners adjust the depth of the panel in 1/16” increments for a total depth between 1" - 1 3/16". Each corner is labeled:  A, B, C, D. Secure the Quick Corner with a silicon cap, included.  Also includes extender plates used in combination with Quick Corners to adapt Infinity panel to woodcore understructure.

How to select and install QUICK CORNERS (WOOD raised floor system)

Infinity AIR GRATE (COOLING SOLUTION) for high density data centers - Work Shop (3) How to select and install QUICK CORNERS for fitting into a WOOD raised floor system