Access Floor Tiles

Quick Overview

AFP444 is a custom replacement panel to replace Access Floor Tiles. To see if it will match the raised floor panels at your facility, please visit the Panel IDC Center for more information.


Additional Information
Model AFP444
Notes Please note that freight, lead times, and price may vary for this item. Please call for current inventory and/or production status.

This part number exists in our system to assist you in ordering replacement access floor tiles online. This computer floor panel is a custom panel identified in our IDC Database when pictures of your existing floor were sent in for review. Please feel free to order your access floor tiles online now. Freight charges will vary, so refer to your original quote and we will call you with any alterations once you have placed your order. Once we receive your order, we will add the information to your order so that the correct panel is ordered for you.

These panels could be any of the following manufacturers: ASM, ASP, Atlantic, Bravo, Haworth, GHP, Mult-A-Fram, Severn, CEI, Computer Environments, Tate, Floating Floors, Haworth, Liskey, USG, Donn, Severn, Camino, Waco, Interface, CTEC, TecCore, TecCrete, TecCore II, TecCrete II, ConCore, Westinghouse, Maxcess or Hitachi.

To see if this panel will match the panels at your facility, please visit the Panel IDC Center for more information.