High Pressure Laminate Replacement Sheet

Quick Overview

Replacement High Pressure Laminate sheet. Color to be determined.  Three sizes available. (see below) Specify thickness.

Additional Information
Notes Please note that lead times may vary for this item.

We offer pre-cut sheets of high-pressure laminate which will enable onsite repairs of damaged raised floor panel surfaces. Installing new sheets will also restore the static dissipative properties of your raised floor. With these laminate sheets, it is possible to field replace laminate on raised floor tiles that are trapped under walls or equipment. This product will also allow field replacement of old carpeting on access floor panels with an easy to maintain hard surface covering. Laminate is available in both trim size and full size with a routed or square edge.

Or feel free to let us do the work for you as we also offer Factory Lamination of your panels.

Sheet sizes available:

Trim size: 23 5/8" x 23 5/8" for use on panels with separate edge trim pieces.  Edge trim sold separately.

Full size:  24" x 24" with a beveled integral edge is standard. The full size sheets come with a choice of edge treatment, either "integral trim" or square. An integral trim gives the appearance of an edge trim on the perimeter of each floor tile whereby the full size with a square corner will just be a small line where the panels meet. Most of our clients order the integral trim. If the rare full size sheet is needed, please let us know.

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A contact adhesive is recommended for installing the laminate in the field. We do not offer this product, but you should be able to purchase a contact adhesive at the local "big box" store or a store which offers specialty glues.

The adhesive will need to be applied to both the laminate sheet and the cleaned surface of the access floor panel. Allow them to set until they are no longer wet, but tacky. It is also suggested that you use a heavy roller to push out any air bubbles.