HotLok® 2U Universal Blanking Panel- Case

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Designed to effectively seal openings in IT equipment cabinets and control airflow for optimized cooling effectiveness. The HotLok Blanking Panel reduces hotspots and bypass airflow by preventing equipment exhaust air or hot aisle air from migrating to the conditioned air intake stream at the front of the cabinet.

  • Allows lower temperature air to be delivered to the upper one-third of the cabinet, typically the hottest area and most prone to equipment failure
  • Use in a Hot and Cold Aisle configuration for low or high density cabinets
  • Controls airflow that could lead to saved energy by allowing adjustment of cooling unit set points
  • Use in existing cabinets for optimization and standardization
  • Additional Information
    Model HL10033
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    The HotLok® Blanking Panel is a next-generation blanking panel that provides a 99 percent effective seal for both 1U and 2U openings in IT equipment cabinets.

    • The HotLok Blanking Panel is Upsite’s latest green solution for energy consumption savings and carbon footprint reduction in data centers. Both 1U- and 2U- versions, with or without a mounted Upsite™ Temperature Strip, help control hotspots and bypass airflow by preventing exhaust air or hot-aisle air from recirculating to the air-intake stream at the front of the cabinet.
    • The ample, inboard finger grips on the lightweight plastic unit are ergonomically designed to facilitate fast, easy, safe, tool-free installation and removal.
    • The Blanking Panel snaps into any 19-inch EIA-310-E standard mounting rail opening, including:
      • Square 9.5mm – 3/8th
      • Round M5 or 10-32
      • Round M6 or 12-24
    • HotLok Blanking Panels neatly stack anywhere in the server room, making them readily available for rapid equipment reconfiguration and eliminating the need for particulate-emitting storage containers.
    • All HotLok Blanking Panels are fire-retardant, recyclable, and RoHS compliant.