Structural Guide


Structural raised floor problems are a serious threat to both equipment and personnel. Problems such as rocking panels and gaps between panels can cause permanent damage to a floor system, personnel injuries and damage to equipment. Regular underfloor inspections for structural integrity of the entire floor system should be mandatory at your facility.


Various trades servicing in and around an access floor disturb the grid and pedestal system creating structural hazards. The load rating of an access floor is established when all components are properly installed. Floors perform to specifications only when they are structurally sound. Supporting understructure should be inspected at least once a year. It is also advisable to have your floor system checked after renovations involving equipment or cabling. 


The following section addresses the structural conditions that may exist on or below the raised floor area. 


When these problems appear within your raised floor system, the cause must be identified and the problem eliminated to insure a safe operating environment for equipment and personnel.