Intentional Wax Application


Look at the picture above, and you will see a shine from the chrome caster that should not be there.


Every time we see wax on a raised floor system, it makes us cringe. Wax and access floors do not mix well. Wax is the most damaging element for a raised floor panel. Besides making the panels actually "grow" and hard to remove, it makes the edge trim brittle and easy to break. The way to get rid of an access floor is to wax it will die. The wax, over time, will kill it. 


When your floor panels have been waxed, it is extremely important to remove the wax immediately. This must be done carefully and with the proper product. Some commercial wax removers also remove the glue that holds the surface covering on to the floor panel. What can happen is devastating. You try to remove the wax only to remove the surface covering!! 


We recommend using Owaxo which was designed specifically for this purpose. And please, follow the directions:


  • Uneducated maintenance personnel
  • Lack of user knowledge about high pressure laminate


  • Eliminates static dissipation properties of high pressure laminate
  • Glues panels together preventing access to subfloor
  • Makes edge trim brittle
  • Creates vertical instability
  • Rapid aging of floor system