Environmental Guide

Conditions in which panels do not fit securely allow dust and debris to fall into the subfloor. When the subfloor area functions as the air plenum, dust and debris littering the subfloor is blown into equipment by the air conditioning. This can result in equipment failure and unexpected downtime. Raised floor systems must be properly maintained in order for equipment cooling systems to work efficiently and to prevent contamination of the air flow.


Surface conditions such as wax build-up eliminate the floor's static dissipation properties, an important consideration when static control is critical. All of these undesirable conditions can be corrected and prevented through proper maintenance techniques.


The following section addresses the environmental conditions that may exist in the subfloor area, on the panel surface and in the air.


When these problems appear within your raised floor system, it is important to determine the cause and work to solve the problems before they become major threats to the work environment and personnel. Floor care products designed for use in the raised floor environment are the first step to proper care.