FAA ESD Carpet Tile Guidelines


Julie’s StaticSmart ESD Carpet Tile, designed to withstand heavy abuse, outperforms most other conductive floor coverings. With its tightly woven, high denier construction, heavy equipment rolls easily across the carpeted floor.

StaticSmart FAA Discovery ECO static dissipative carpet tile is THE ONLY CARPET TILE THAT EXCEEDS FAA STD 019E, Motorola R56, ATIS-0600321, and ANSI/ESD S.20.20-2007.

Less expensive than most hard-surface floors, StaticSmart modular tiles are easy to install, maintain and replace. Our ESD carpets offer permanent static protection at an affordable price.

StaticSmart static control carpet tile features the exclusive EcoWorx® conductive backing system. Superior to PVC backed carpet tile, EcoWorx is stronger, lighter-weight and a more environmentally friendly backing system. 100% recyclable with recycled content (backing contains 40% recycled content) and a lower embodied energy than PVC backed carpet, making StaticSmart ESD carpet tile a smart choice for green facilities. Unlike PVC, which uses a static dissipative additive that migrates as the PVC ages (resistance increases over time resulting in reduced and compromised static control protection), StaticSmart EcoWorx backing has a permanent conductive component that will not break down over time. EcoWorx is the only non-PVC backing available on the market today for static control carpet tile, and it's found on StaticSmart ESD carpet tile. If it doesn't say EcoWorx, it's PVC.

Ideal for areas where people are unlikely to wear protective wrist or heel straps, StaticSmart ESD Carpet Tile offers unfettered mobility in data storage and mission critical command centers or flight towers.