Tate DirectPerf Panel 32%- SparkLite White

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In uncontained spaces, directional airflow provided by a DirectPerf 32% panel provides nearly the same cooling capacity as a standard 56% open area grate using about half the airflow.

Additional Information
Model DPERF32
Notes 2-3 week leadtime

DirectPerf 32% angles the airflow toward the server rack to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce bypass air. DirectPerf 32% provides nearly the same cooling capacity as a standard 56% open area grate using about half the airflow. The panel is designed with a unique combination of directional and vertical perforations which provides evenly distributed air flow across the entire face of a typical IT rack.

Tate's DirectPerf maximizes energy efficiency and the overall capacity of any new or existing data center by nearly eliminating bypass air. The precise delivery of air to the face of the rack reduces by-pass air, allowing new facilities to in-turn reduce the number of CRAH units. Retrofits can set CRAH units with fixed speed fans to standby mode or adjust variable fan drives to operate at a lower static pressure, saving energy. Likewise, the 88% Capture Index eliminates the need for an aisle containment roof. The facility's overall cooling capacity will also be improved, allowing for the addition of IT equipment without the capital investments on infrastructure.

Key Performance Characteristics

  • 32% open area delivers 1,121CFM @ .1” H2O when installed without a damper
  • Directional air flow achieves an 88% Capture Index
  • Cools up to 8kW per rack at 0.10" H2O
  • Can save over 40% in annual fan energy savings
  • Easily integrates into an existing 24” and 60cm raised floor systems

This is a special type of panel and does not fit with all systems. Panels fit only our bolted stringer systems. They do not fit our woodcore kits. Panel size is 24" square. These panels have no damper and have a white conductive textured surface.

To see if these panels match the panels at your facility, please visit the Panel IDC Center for more information.

These panels are sometimes called a perf, an air flow panel, air tiles, perforated panels, air vents, grates and louvers.