Out of the 48 million square feet of raised floor installed in the US, most of it was built at a time before energy optimization was part of the design philosophy.

These data centers are all aging and at the same time, facing increased energy costs. The opportunity lies in providing replacements and making simple modifications to allow for new technology.

Over the past 10 years Google, has become "the" data center efficiency experts, sharing what they believe to be Data Center Best Practices. They recently stated that purchasing $ 2500.00 of proven energy efficient raised floor products can yield a savings in energy reduction that can equal $ 25,000.00 for the first year.  Many products that optimize data centers with raised computer flooring offer immediate savings and their return on investment can often be absorbed within weeks.  Historically customers have done so little to their data center that doing just a small amount with their raised floor will create big changes to their environment.

The aging of a raised floor in the computer room is an area in which we specialize.  All floors need replacements and modifications to allow for new technology.  Because the heat demands of this newer technology has also increased, computer rooms need to be more energy efficient. Companies always want to increase their bottom line  Because of the higher power demand these spaces require, all efforts are being made to make them more efficient.  By making these green changes they are perceived as being socially responsible by improving their carbon footprint, as well as saving money. Technology is always changing, some equipment is getting smaller but heavier, some getting hotter and requiring more cooling. Because of the huge capital expense in these computer rooms, customers are looking closely at what they can do to optimize what is existing instead of opting for new floors combined with the need for these environments to keep up with the explosive growth of data storage. 

We offer a wide variety of products that a data center owner will use, from the actual panels to the devices that lift the panels. Customers are making what they have work, needing more replacement panels, and making what they have become more energy efficient.