ASM Directional Air Grate

Quick Overview

Fits most manufacturers standard bolted stringer understructure systems for hollow steel and concrete filled steel panels. Used in high heat load applications to pointedly deliver cabinet/server fronts with cold air, top to bottom.

Additional Information
Model DAG500
Notes 2021 Steel Surplus charges may not be reflected in this price. Check with us for current pricing updates as these change daily.

The DAG500 Directional Air Grate provides both strength and performance required in today’s data center. The 61.3% open area, provides 3200 CFM air flow at 0.10 static pressure. The panel is rated for a 2000 lb. concentrated load with a 2 to 1 safety factor for an ultimate load of 4200 lbs.

  • Commonly interchangeable with ASM, Tate, Maxcess and other manufacturers hollow steel and concrete filled steel panel systems
  • Available in 24” size
  • Available with slide, opposed blade, and Multi-Zone opposed blade dampers
  • Heavy duty die-cast aluminum construction with ESD epoxy powder coat finish
  • Suitable for clean room applications
  • Recycled material content of 100%
  • Adjustable from top of panel
  • Available with adjustable dampers

This is a special type of panel and does not fit with all systems. Panels fit most All Steel and Concrete filled bolted systems. They do not fit our woodcore kits. Panel size is 24" square. To see if these panels match the panels at your facility, please visit the Replacement Panel Center.