AisleLok™ Acrycell™ Non-Particulating Sealing Tape

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(box of 5 rolls)
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AisleLok® Acrycell Sealing Tape is the premium choice for sealing gaps and openings in the data center including room perimeter, floor openings, under cabinets, between racks, and around CRAC units.  Peel and stick installation requires no tools. Customizable. Available in three sizes: .5", 1", and 2".  



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Small, unsealed openings between server racks and other equipment are often overlooked by data center operators. Unfortunately, these openings can be incredibly detrimental to hot aisle/cold aisle containment plans. Bypass air can easily escape through the gaps, contributing to IT equipment hotspots and cooling unit inefficiencies, increasing energy costs in the process. AisleLok™ Acrycell Sealing Tape is designed to specifically address this unwanted bypass airflow by allowing users to quickly and easily seal tiny gaps that would otherwise remain open. 


  • Temperature resistant from -40 to 212°F or -40 to 100°C
  • Peel and stick adhesive is double-sided and non-particulating
  • Customizable, can be easily cut with scissors
  • Moldable foam forms a tight seal on uneven surfaces and gaps
  • No tools are required for installation
  • Energy-efficient; supports increasing rack and cabinet density
  • RoHS compliant
  • 5 rolls per order
  • Three sizes available: 5" wide x 32.8' long (164' total), 1" wide x 18.4' long (92' total), 2" wide x 8.5" long (42.5' total)