HotLok® 1U Blanking Panel Universal- Case

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(case of 10 pieces)
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Snap-in/pull-out, stackable blanking plate for IT equipment cabinets. Provides a 99% effective seal. Fire-retardant, recyclable, and RoHS compliant. Tool-free installation. Carton of 10.

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Model HL10031
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HotLok 1U Blanking Panels M5/10-32 Round. Carton of 10.

The HotLok® Blanking Panel is a next-generation, patent-pending blanking panel that provides a 99 percent effective seal for both 1U and 2U openings in IT equipment cabinets.

  • The HotLok Blanking Panel is Upsite’s latest green solution for energy consumption savings and carbon footprint reduction in data centers. Both 1U- and 2U- versions, with or without a mounted Upsite™ Temperature Strip, help control hotspots and bypass airflow by preventing exhaust air or hot-aisle air from recirculating to the air-intake stream at the front of the cabinet.
  • The ample, inboard finger grips on the lightweight plastic unit are ergonomically designed to facilitate fast, easy, safe, tool-free installation and removal.
  • The Blanking Panel snaps into any 19-inch EIA-310-E standard mounting rail opening, including:
    • Square 9.5mm – 3/8th
    • Round M5 or 10-32
    • Round M6 or 12-24
  • HotLok Blanking Panels neatly stack anywhere in the server room, making them readily available for rapid equipment reconfiguration and eliminating the need for particulate-emitting storage containers.
  • All HotLok Blanking Panels are fire-retardant, recyclable, and RoHS compliant.

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