6" x 18" Floor Grill with Damper for Server Rack Cooling

Quick Overview

Etched aluminum grill with extruded bars 1/4" apart making the grills both pencil and heel-proof. Cutout in panel is 6" by 18". With damper.

Additional Information
Model AG618D
Notes 2021 Steel Surplus charges are not reflected in this price. Check with us for current pricing updates as these change daily.

These floor grills are compatible with any raised floor system and insert in place with a simple panel cutout.

They are constructed of etched and anodized aluminum 6061 T6 and have tapered edges to prevent tripping. The top surface of the grill has extruded bars 1/4 inch apart making the grills both pencil and heel-proof.

These grills have an opposed blade damper. The damper is operated without removing the grill from the floor with a standard screwdriver.

The actual hole size in the panel is 6 inches by 18 inches. The free area is 47.4 inches. Refer to chart below for CFM offerings.

STAT PRES .023 .047 .071 .100 .130 .180 .240 .300
CFM  170  242  291  354  403  474  546  611
FPM 664 945 1161 1378 1548 1852 2133 2387